Revathy M. Parameswaran

What? - I employ earthquakes and surface deformation to study crustal and tectonic processes, and conversely, use these crustal processes to understand the physics of earthquakes and volcanoes. I am invested in digging into the interactive nature of varied geophysical systems that neighbor one another. To do so, I explore and develop methods to interchangeably or jointly using different data types that record the same geophysical process.

Why? - Crustal deformation on Earth over geologic and historic timescales has moulded the geopolitical and socio-economic construct of the world we live in. Its study facilitates an understanding, and to an extent helps modulate, its present and future effects on our existence and way of life. 

How? - I use seismic and geodetic data to observe and quantify seismic and volcanic crustal deformation. I test for different applications of these data, and their interchangeble or joint use. I further develop physics-based models to study these systems in isolation and as complex, interacting units. Some of these studies can be found here


Research Associate

Geophysical Institute 

University of Alaska Fairbanks 

Fairbanks, AK, USA