Revathy Mozhikunnath Parameswaran

Research overview - What? Why? How?

I have been fascinated by planetary sciences since middle-school. Over time this interest focused in on how the Earth deforms and the processes that aid this deformation. Earth's crustal deformation over geologic and historic timescales has moulded the geopolitical and socio-economic construct of our society. Its study facilitates an understanding, and to an extent helps modulate, its present and future effects on our very existence and way of life. An investigation into this deformation over time also enables us to use Earth as a reference to study planet-like bodies within observational distances in the vastness of space.

It also does not hurt to note that this is one field where science truly meets adventure!

My current research focuses mostly on crustal deformation using both seismological and geodetic methods for observations and interpretations.

In other words, I use earthquakes to study crustal processes, which in turn help me understand earthquakes. A real chicken-or-egg situation!

I have worked on various subduction, convergent, and tranform-rift zones, with a focus on understanding earthquake physics and the cause/effects of stress-release processes.



“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” - Joseph Chilton Pearce